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Maximum 72hrs in a Swim before you MUST move. (You may stay at the Lake, just not in the same Swim)


You may leave the Site for a Maximum of 90mins, any longer and you MUST vacate the Swim.

You must be personally 'ON-SITE' to Bucket a Swim.

Peg 2 Maximum Range is to the Orange Markers.

Peg 15's Water is to the Right of the Markers.

3 Rods Allowed

Min 15lbs (0.40) Mono. Braided Mainline may be used in Conjunction with a 20ft Flouro Leader.

Manufactured Barbless Hooks Only

No Leadcore

Leaders of 1.5M or Less

No Zig Rigs

No Bait Boats (Baiting Poles are Allowed)

No Fixed Lead Systems

Freezer Baits Only

No Maggots in any Form

Tiger Nuts as Hook-Baits Only

You must be in Possession of a Carp Care Kit


Off the Ground BBQ's are Allowed


No Litter....and if you see any Pick it Up


Non-Fishing Guests Only (Partners/Children)


Well Behaved Dogs are Welcome. They must be under control at all times and any Mess must be Picked up 

Members must keep to the Designated Paths. The Wooded Areas on both sides of the Mere are Out of Bounds.

All Carp are to be Photographed so accurate records can be kept.

No Fish can be Retained for longer than 15 Mins.

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