Raby Mere was 'created' some 350 years ago by damming the river Dibbins that once flowed through this part of the Wirral.

A mill was built in 17th century and this in turn was powered via a sluice from the Mere itself.

Used as a boating lake through Victorian times and even an ice rink in the harshest of winters, the Mere has been stocked with fish since its inception all those years ago.

Used as a Coarse fishery and Trout fishery in the past, the first stocking of Carp can be traced back to the 1950's.

Since being acquired in 2015 in a somewhat derelict condition, extensive water improvement work has been carried out, along with silt treatment, sunken tree removal, peg excavation work, floating bridge repairs, carpark installation, toilets, electricity and fresh water services etc etc.

As a rough estimate the Mere contains around 10 original Carp to almost 27lbs and has been stocked five times with 60, VS Fisheries Carp. These were stocked between Nov '15 and Nov '19 at weights between 12lbs and 28lbs 4ozs


The Mere now contains at least 50 different 20lbs+ Carp, which includes 10 fish over 28lbs and 4 different 30lbs+. Considering the majority of fish were stocked as C5's (12-14lbs) its an amazing result and one we are all very proud of.


The fishery is only 5 years old in its current form and because its stocked with quality, English Heritage Carp, the future is looking amazing.


All the Stocked and Captured fish are fully documented, photographed and growth tracked.

Nobody here is Fishing for 'Ghosts'.